Ludlow Studios has emerged as a downtown hub for photography, fashion, events, and film in Manhattan, New York. Situated in an accessible but low-key stretch of the Lower East Side, our comfortable, practical workspace allows for a range of shooting options. Our clientele ranges from vibrant upstarts to notable fashion magazines. Ludlow's window front, with retractable sheer and blackout drapery, can be made public or private on demand. Exposed brick, and chic minimal furnishings make this a versatile space. The layout includes a 15'x14'x10' corner cyc wall, and an additional 500 square feet for wardrobe, vanities, and more. With 1,750+ square feet of shoot and event space, Ludlow Studios is your space for media production and cultural celebrations. 

•1500 sq ft of shoot and event space
•285 sq ft for hair, make-up, and wardrobe
•Projector system
•A/C and heating units
•Built-in sound system